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Our Mission at Eaglesoft Tees is:

To support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value which helps them gain a competitive advantage in their markets.


About Eaglesoft Tees

Eaglesoft Tees is a full service Custom Screen Printing and Sign Shop that offers Screen Printing, Signs, Banners, Yard Signs, Vehicle Graphics and Much More!


Our company was founded in 2003 by a young man who is a silver-bronze palm Eagle Scout who graduated cum laude from West Middlesex High School.  While attending Westminster College, Joe was photographer for The Holcad Newspaper, he interned at Clarks Studio and was cameraman for MC2 Video Production.  Above receiving experience in photography, Joe was also a helpdesk computer technician for the college, art director for the Cable 9 News TV Channel, and also photo editor for the Argo yearbook.  He also spent countless hours in and out of class with the graphic design instructor to perfect his skills and talent.  After graduating Westminster College in the spring of 2003 with all this attained skill, knowledge, experience and a burning passion, Eaglesoft was Born!

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